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Multi-Purpose Gatherings for this series will start on 17 September 2023, meet for three weeks, then take a two-week break. Courses will resume on 22 October 2023. 

At mpg@PBC we offer a range of courses that give you an opportunity to grow. You will learn in small groups – usually watching a video, followed by some discussion.

We will meet at 1845 with a chance to spend time together over a cup of tea or coffee. Then at 1915, you will spend time in small groups looking at the specific course that you have chosen. All courses will finish at 2030.

You will find an overview of the courses that are being offered below. Spaces on each course are limited. This means two things: 

1 – you will need to sign up for the course that you want to attend

2 – we suggest that you sign up quickly to get a place


What are you going here?

We recognise the importance of prayer. But our practice often gets stuck in one way of praying. There are many ways to pray and to experience the presence of God, and this course is intended to open up opportunities to pray in different ways.

With more options, we can change our experience of prayer – releasing ourselves to enjoy time with God more fully, and allowing God to work more deeply in our lives.

We need to learn the practice of hearing God’s voice and of being aware of God’s presence with us. God is with us, how much are we with God?

Prayer could – and should – be part of our experience of God. Becoming more aware of that for a few minutes each day will transform our lives.

Over 8 weeks you will be introduced to a variety of prayer practices – some may be familiar; others may be new to you. The emphasis will be on practising – we will spend a lot of time praying.

Are you ready for a richer prayer life and deeper relationship with God?

Course duration: 8 weeks


Anxious for Nothing

In Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado uses the words of Philippians 4:6-7 to tackle the issues of fear and anxiety.

Lucado says, “The presence of anxiety is unavoidable, but the prison of anxiety is optional. It’s the life of perpetual anxiety that Paul wants to address. Don’t let anything in life leave you perpetually in angst.”

Maybe you could use a little less worry and a little more CALM right now, too?

Over the course of the study, we’ll walk together and learn to follow this prescription for CALM:

Celebrating God’s goodness,

Asking for His help,

Leaving your concerns to Him,

Meditating on good things

… and you will experience God’s peace. With God’s help, and by His power, you can discover a life of calm and develop tools for combating anxiety, worry, and fear.

Course duration: 5 weeksThis course will be limited to 8 participants.


The Money Course

 The Money Course is a 5-week course to help you manage your money more effectively.

The course is led by trained money coaches, who will help you learn skills for staying on top of your finances. Not only will you learned skills and tools, your confidence in handling money will increase.

Anyone can benefit – from seasoned budgeting experts to those struggling to get to grips with their spending.

Through this course you will:

Learn how to build and balance a household budget

Find ways to save more and get the most out of your spare cash

Explore the difference between essential and optional expenses and find ways to realistically cut costs

The Money Course has been designed and developed by CAP (Christians Against Poverty) – drawing on than 25 years of experience helping tens of thousands of people take control of their finances.

Course duration: 5 weeks


The Bible Course

The Bible Course will help you understand the Bible for yourself. Over eight sessions you will see the big picture of the Bible storyline – from Genesis to Revelation.

Along the way you will pick up tools and skills to help you read it for yourself. 

Each session is interactive, with sections of teaching, discussion time, and personal reflection. Between sessions there are daily readings to prepare for the following week. 

By the end of the course you will have confidence to pick up the Bible, read it for yourself, and apply it to your life.

The Bible Course was developed by The Bible Society.

This course will be limited to 8 participants. Participants will be provided with a copy of The Bible Course manual.


Course duration: 8 weeks


Alpha course

Alpha is a place to ask the big questions of life. Get together and watch a series of episodes that explore the basics of the Christian faith.

The Alpha episodes are designed to engage and inspire conversation. They’re about thirty minutes long. 

The episodes explore the big issues around faith and unpack the basics of Christianity, addressing questions such as: 

Who is Jesus?

How can we have faith?

How does God guide us?

Course duration: 8 weeks


MPG - Multi-Purpose Gathering

M.P.G is a Multi-Purpose Gathering with a vision and on a mission to connect, support, equip, and release people to see them fulfilling God’s call in their lives. 

Here at Perth Baptist Church we believe that Jesus met people and addressed their needs where they are. M-P-G aims to do just that by creating a space where people of all walks of life are welcome to come and connect with each other. 

We have a curriculum of Christian teaching and wellbeing courses that can benefit all who are seeking to grow in their faith as well as those who are exploring the Christian faith. 


All attending (Visitors and local people) gather in the cafe area for a short period of time to enjoy a conversation while drinking some Tea, coffee, and eating snacks. After an initial 20-30 minutes of interaction, everyone will be invited by our facilitators to go to their chosen course.

The whole evening lasts around 90 minutes.  We would love to have you with us! Why don’t you sign up and join us ?

“Healthy personal growth requires intentional choices and time”